Convert your image to 3d model

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Image to 3D model

Image to 3d model is very important fact of the sellers. Are you selling something online? Still, worry about the selling rate of your product. How is your image quality? Is it a mess? So you need a better image. Hence The best way is hire a 3D designer and create the model. It is very easy and saves time with efficiency. This is a small guide to convert your image to 3D model quality, fast and safety.

How to Convert your image to 3d model

How Quality images boost your selling?
How to choose a better way to convert your images to 3D?
Factors to be considered when converting images to 3D

Which seller will you use ?

How good Quality images boost your selling?

Do you know the reason is for buying a product at first people need a better impression? They see the product and take an idea about shape, color, options and many more. They mind map something in their mind So they need to visible the product. And then they will compare with others. By seen first there is an impression in their mind. After that they decide which one should buy and which one should not. If you can create a good impression in their mind your product will buy without any doubt.

Here I will not write about 01, 02, 03 because 02, 03 is not good for the business and 01 is more expensive

How to choose the best way to convert your image to 3d model

If you are a seller and you need better images of your product. So there are options. Follow these

  1. Hire a photographer to take photos and use it for your site
  2. Use google images
  3. Copy from another site (very bad)
  4. Convert your images to the 3D model by using a 3D designer.
  5. Find online 3D model maker sites

I will write more about 04 and 05 to to help you

There are facts when you select 3D designer

  1. Overview of the designer
  2. Experience of the designer
  3. Past worked projects
  4. Payment method
  5. Delivery time and file types of work
  6. What does he offer?

How to choose a designer for your 3D design work?

When selecting a designer he may be a freelancer or anyone that he can do the 3D designs. He can be used more than 4 design software and good sensibilities with color selecting else the process may be nail and your money is unsafe. As well check the offers and revisions too.

The better way is to check the designer’s ability is to check his portfolio. If it is amazing no problem he is the one but if you think images are from google ask him another angle of that. If he sends you, yes he is.

The next one is check his past projects what he has done. As well those may not be related to your product. But you can take an idea of whether he can do it or not. Ask some questions about the designs you can get the idea

If you hire a person through freelancing sites like fiverr, upwork you should not worry about the payments. It is safe and when the designer finishes the design and then you can accept it and pay. If there is any problem it is better to send revisions. If you cant be satisfied with that ask him a refund.

Before you place an order you should be know

  1. What he delivery you
  2. What are the file types
  3. When he delivery you
  4. How much for the project
  5. What he needs for the design
  6. What is the final payment and delivery

These are the facts when you are going to convert your image with a 3D designer.

Remember after you receive the final delivery rate him. So It is great thing for the designer and it is invaluable.

Do you need do design your 3d product images without any problem?

Here we offer above every thing for the customer. Just you have to contact us. We do this great. Contact us.



KimCad is a professional 3D designer and freelancer with 5 years experience. I am expert in Cinema4d, Lumion, Autocad, Revit and many BIM software.

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