• February 25, 2021

How to start Freelance 3D Modeling Part-time?

Freelance 3D modeling part-time
Work as a part time 3D designer

It is really interesting that you are looking to Start Freelance 3D modeling part-time. Whatever problem you have in the current job you have jump a great step. Sometimes you do not have good knowledge about this topic. But trust me you will be in the right place end of this reading.

If you want to start freelance 3D modeling part-time You must start with Choosing the desired field related to Sculpting, Rendering, or 3D modeling. Then you need to find specific software for that. After that, you need to invest your time by seeking proper learning material with the necessary hardware equipment. Then you need to familiar with the software, make a portfolio, practice, and find some clients.

After you are well familiar with the field and you earn enough money more than your job. You can leave your job or you can do both. Now I can explain to you more the above brief explanation very well.

01. Choose the desired field

Well, this means you had better select one category among 3D modeling, Sculpting or Rendering. Focus one and learn well.

3D modeling

Product and package design – Here you need to do design 3d models for the products and packages. Making 3D models are very cheap for the product owners more than hire a photograper.
Architectural design – You have to create the 3D models of the building, gardens, etc. There are both interior and exterior designs. You just need to create models according to the real dimension.
Mechanical design – For mechanical purposes, people need molds, models, and Drawings. This is a huge area for the designer. And if have good knowledge about mechanics, this will work for you well.


If you like to create characters this is the correct place for you. If you are well skilled with sculpting you can earn passive income easily. Because many gaming companies are hiring character designers very much.


Rendering is a digital way to apply the material to the model with relevant light setups. You must have good knowledge of lightings, background setup, color matching, etc. This will need much higher hardware requirements.

02. Select the specific software

According to the above categories, there is specified 3D modeling software for each. The advantage of familiar one software will easy any task related area. As an example, if you select Revit for Architecture you can easily make columns, beams, slabs, and many more. But remember you cant sculpt with that. Each category has each software check below.

Product and package design3D Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, Rhino 3D
Architectural designAutoCAD, Revit, Archicad, Google Sketchup
Mechanical designSolidWorks, Inventor,
SculptingMaya, Cinema 4D, 3D Max
RenderingKeyShot, Lumion, Adobe dimension, V-ray
Categories and Related software

More than that there is much software you can check for 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Sculpting. You can check with the above.

03.Buy relavant hardware equipment’s

CAD is base on computers. So you need to buy a computer for your purpose. In this point, you must pay attention to the graphic card as well as RAM. Many 3D modeling software requires more hardware requirements. So better think about this before you buy. This will guide you to buy a better Computer for 3D modeling

If you have an older one check its requirements and check whether it has right requirements. If you dont have them please upgrade.

04. Find better learning material

This is the most important part. Reason is you should find the correct learning material for your software. There are so many Online courses in Linda.com as well as LinkedIn. So better check the course and see how many peoples have got the course and completed. Better check with the ratings.

Sometimes courses may be paid. But It is a great investment. You can find some Free Onlne courses too. And remember when you install the software you had better install the version in your learning videos. You will be confused else.

When you follow the learning material please note down what you have earn on the book. And use it again and again to remember that and also apply it many ways.

05. Familiar with the software

When you work with the software you must know everything about it. Be a PRO User. Then you can accept any challeng with that. Practise the software with using free learning videos in you tube, Vimeo etc. There are many forums you can sighup there and stay alert.

When you familiar with the software you had better practice to do a project in the minimum time frame. There Tips and tricks will help you to be a pro designer. You had better know what you can do and don’t with using your software So it is easy when you accept jobs from clients and give them a confident answer about the project. Please accept what ever you can do with your software.

06. Build a nice portfolio

The best projects you have done is a great stuff of your proficiency. You had better colect your all the best contents and then publish it as a portfolio. There are many platforms that you cna sign up and make a profile of the portfolio. Behance is one of the best place. You can upload your graphics images for your portfolio with high quality.

What is the necessary of the making portfolio. There are many things. You can show them to your clients and show at the begining and you can have the positive customer impression at thte begininng, Then you tell your customer who you are. That is a trick.

You can show your talents to the customers. And making trustiness with them. It is a great positive approach to your work with him.


07. Find Clients

You are going to start new business. So clients are major part of the business.There are so amny ways to find clients for you.

01. Use social media – To find a client it is a great way to use social media. Nowadays social media are very famous with people. So they always engage with that. Just you need to make a page or group and post every your content frequently. You must post the best things with eye-catching. So necessary clients will find you.

And also you can try with Reddit.com and many more platforms.

02. Use web site with blog – You had better create a web site with blog and posting new ideas. People will find you and asked for the new projects. So you had better contact with them and work well

03. Use Freelancing web site – This is the best way that I recommended for the freelancing 3D modelers. There are sites like Fiverr.com, Upwork.com both are the best are freelancing web sites. You can find amazing customers there. There are many clients those who looking for this kind of job posting. If you are professional user You can perform well.

How to do it as a part time job?

Well, finally let me explain you how you can engage with part time job. This is a very good interesting topic. First you had better think why you move for part time. Reason is you need extra money or you are keen interesting with this field.

So next problem is how to spend your time in this field. The best way is divide your day time and separate it. Do what you love. It is the great way to the success . Do not do anything without any force.

So as a freelancer you can sign up in the freelancing site and stay available until you receive the jobs and explain to the clients that you are doing a part-time job and ask for the delivery time. Then do the job very well and deliver it on time.

Finally I wish you all the best for your new job. Hope it will be your interesting one. Later you will no need to do your old job.

Ricky Louis

Ricky Louis

Hey.. I am Ricky Louis, A professional graphic designer with years of experience in 3D modeling. I would like to share my knowledge with you.

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