• February 25, 2021

How to Start 3D Modeling for Kids?

3D modeling guide for kids

As a responsible parent, you are quite right to teach something is very good, useful to your child. Start 3D modeling for kids is a very wise idea. Sometimes you may not have a proper idea about 3D modeling. So as a father or mother you are unable to guide your kids in the right direction.

As a parent, you must guide your little one to a successful goal. Starting 3D modeling for kids you must teach about difference between 2D and 3D, Drawings, Views, Scaling, Units and Measurements, Hardware, Software guidance and should supply Learning material to the kids.

This is really for age 10-15 kids. I meant children and adolescent. This is not a software guidance. There are so many software. Before that pay your attention to this. guide your kid well with this.

01. Teach about 2D and 3D

As a parent you may also do not know about 2D and 3D. Let me explain this to you also.

What is 2D? – 2D is a two-dimensional closed area. When you draw a circle on paper it is 2D. There are two dimensions. Those are Length and width. According to the cartession we can say the X-axis and Y-axis. The area should be closed. Else that will not become a 2-dimensional area. So give a clear idea about this.

How this is helpful to kids? – When you refer a drawing this is very important. The reason is all drawings are 2D. So better teach to the kid what is that at the beginning

What is 3D? – 3D is a volume covered with 3 dimensions. What are the 3 dimension? Those are length. width, and height. If we can measure any object with height, length, and width that is a 3D object.

How does this help to kids? – As you are well aware we are going to create 3D models. So Don’t we need to know about it?

If you teach these correctly no need to worry about give some designs, drawing to him. because already he knows what are they.

02. Teach to look and draw

Here we teach to kids about the look and draw then we can develop it until look and make. So any idea what we do here? I think no. Well let me explain.

You think this is very easy. Yes this is easy but you should teach him how to draw correctly. Consider an object how to draw its side view, front view, section view etc. when you show a object to ask him to draw how it appears from left? I bet he cant.

So please teach him. That is why we discuss teaching 3D to him. Anyway, you must teach him if one side is from what is the left side and what is the right side too. This is an outstanding practice to a child when he sees a 3D image and imagine him self what is front, back, side, etc.

03. Teach about the scales

Scales are very important. here we must give him a good idea about sizes. You may have seen some kids draw human with large heads or something. I think they do not have a proper scaling idea of this. So it is better if we tell them about this.

Here I meant to learn scales relatively. As an example elephant is larger than tiger. like wise we can teach him size comparison.

As well far objects are small and near objects are large as we seen. So when he agglomeration he can use this very well. These all are based on something related to 3D modeling.

04. Understanding of units and measurements

Do your kid know difference between meter and centimeter? I think yes they know. But we must fully understand it to him. Ask him to draw 10 cm and 1 m line. It is totally different. And why we say to do him like that. Imagine wen you place achair at the table can it be more high than the table if we need to sit. So probobly no I say.

How do they get this idea. Answere is by scaling. We must give an idea him how scaling is based on? Scaling based on the measurements. We use large amount of measurements called scaling is large.

And tell him what is feet, inches, link, etc. So he will gain both scaling and measurements with units.

05. Hardware guidance (Computer)

For CAD we use computers. We must give a good idea about computers and their tasks. Why we use computers? We cant use hand for that likewise problems can arise to him. Let him do it. And teach to the child how we use technology and the role of the 3D designer.

Here I think it is very important to provide him with computer accessories and its task. You had better think. Sometimes we must know what is the software we can install into our computer. So without that can he do this. I think no. So as much as possible tell him hat is the purpose of RAM, HDD, VGA, etc.

And give better guidance on how to protect the pc. The reason is when it is too much heat we compel to shutdown. Like these things, we should pay attention to.

06. Software Guidance

This is the most important part of this guidance. In my blog, there are many software guidance. So better pay attention to that. We are highly working with many software. And it depends on our purpose. let student select his field related to 3D Modeling,Rendering or sculpting. SO now you can suggest to him about the software.

If you kid need to follow 3D modeling please use the update best 3D modeling software. And also If he need to rendering guide him to follow the best rendering software. And sculpting let him select what he need.

This 3D modeling Guidance will lead you to study more about this. And regarding software gudance please give him trials at the first. And tell him to perform well. Do not buy instantly. Reason is one software is different with others. I meant Architect software is not good for sculpting. Hope this is well understood.

07. Provide correct learning material

As a parent, you may not have much knowledge about these CAD files. So are you leave this? No need I think. There are many Youtube videos and documents. So better refer them and show it to the little one. Tell him to watch and do. And ask him what he did?

There are free and paid courses on LinkedIn and Lynda.com. So go and check what you need. When you select a learning material please check how many have downloaded and how many have rated it. So considering these you can select a better source for your kid.

08. Create a portfolio

This is a bonus tip. Please signs up with Behance.com and open an account. So there you can publish your Portfolio like this. It is a great investment. he can easily save his past works. And show any time to others. Else he will need to upload each one separately in the future if someone asked about the portfolio.

This is free and try yourself too.

Goal for this guidance?

Mmm… well finally we have a real point. Why do we do this for our kids? What was in you mind at the beginning to do this. I hope it is about a job and money. So actually can this is very important. I think yes.

Sometimes you may give a tablet to a kid and install some software and tell him to do it. Is that worth it? He doesn’t know anything. He knows to operate a tablet and draw something. That is not good and not reasonable. Make a goal on his mind. Then give him everything.

Finally, after do everything with a few month’s experience kids can start freelancing or any job related to Full time to part-time. There is a huge 3D modeling market in Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, etc. There is guidance related to this. Hope this is very clear for you.

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