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Download Free 3D Models: Use These 20 Web Sites

Free download 3D models
Free Download 3D models Web Sites

Free download 3d models are very important thing for the designer. You may be a graphic designer looking to convert your image to 3D model or any kind of designer that requires 3D models for your design. Sometimes you have watched many places to download 3D models for your need. Have you found that? have you tried to design online?

Downloading 3D models are really time-saving and efficient way to work. Many 3D models are available online. So let’s see what are the best site for downloading the 3D models easily as you need.

  1. Free3D
  2. Archive3D
  3. Turbosquid
  4. Sketchfab
  5. Cgtrader
  6. 3Dsky
  7. Clara.io
  8. 3dmodelfree.com
  9. Cadnav
  10. Sweethome3D
  11. Designconnected
  12. 3dexport
  13. 3db3
  14. open3Dmodels.com
  15. All3Dfree
  16. 123free3dmodels
  17. Dimensiva
  18. Cults3D
  19. 3dmili
  20. Grabcad

Here I have reviewed 20 best websites for free 3D models in 2020. So there are so many sites when you search in Google but you can find the right website to download any kind of  3D model for your need.

Most of the sites required to sign up for the newsletter and then they’re allowed to download 3D model for you. Else you have to pay for the models.  I think no people like to give the email address to anyone.

So better way is to go to a tempory email and then get an email and signup in the website and download your models.

What are the Available File Types in Online Stores?

You can download any kind of 3D files such as .stl, .obj, .fbx, .collada, .3ds, .iges; .step, .vrml, .x3d , .c4d etc. As well as you can request for any file type if you are using premium. This is offered if you use the premium of them. And many files are zipped. You have to use it by unzipping.

There are many categories animals, human, furniture, electrical, cars, plants and many more. Just you need to search and find.

Many sites provide 3D models freely. But it is limited.

20 Best Sites for Free Download 3D Models

01. Free3D

Free3D.com is a free download 3d models web site
Free3D Models Download

Just go through here and store more than 16500+ 3d models that you need including free and premium. You don’t need to create a user account. Just you can download your model. There are both free 3D models as well as premium models. Just you need to pay for premium if you need more models.

02. Archive3D

To download free 3D models use Archive3D
Archive3D Free Download 3D Models

Here you don’t need to create the user account and you can download amazing 3D models for your need. Any kind of low poly and high poly objectives are available here under many categories.

03. Turbosquid

Turbosquid Best free download 3D models site
Turbosquid Free Download 3D Models

There are 1000000+ models are available here and this is a better place to store the best 3d models free as well as paid models. You should have a user account for downloading the 3D models. As well you can get a quick refund for what you bought here. And available 24/7 customer service.

04. Sketchfab

Sketchfab download 3d models any time you need
Sketchfab 3D Models Free Download

For Free download 3d models are available under Creative Commons on Sketchfab and license thousands of Royalty Free models from the Sketchfab Store. As well as you can sell your 3D models by creating a user account.

05. Cgtrader

Cgtrader 3D Models Free Download
Cgtrader 3D Models Free Download

Among 920 000+ models you can download both free and paid here. There are many categories like architecture, Animal, Human, Vehicle, food, Furniture, Industrial, plant, Science, etc. The most important thing is you can work as a freelancer here as well as sell your objects. If you are looking for a design you can hire someone with posting here.

06. 3Dsky

3Dsky for download free 3D models
3Dsky For Download Free 3D Models

There are 348270+ 3d models free and premium. Including many categories. For pro models, you have to pay. There are many models related to many categories. Just go through and download what you need.

07. Clara.io

Clara.io for download 3D models
Clara.io For Download 3D Models

More than 100000+ 3d models are available here with free as well as premium. You just sign up and download the models that you need.

08. 3dmodelfree.com

3dmodelfree for downloading 3d models free
3dmodelfree Download

3D models, textures and blocks are available for free. You can upload your files and share them with others. Consists of many categories including high poly and low poly.

09. Cadnav

Cadnav to Download 3D models
Cadnav to Download 3D models

Here you can get more than 50000+ 3d models as well as plugins and many things for the 3d designer including free models. You don’t need to create user profile. Just download.

Extra 5 Websites For Free Download 3d Models

10. Sweethome3D

SweetHome can be downloaded 3d models
Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is another free 3D model download site as well you can use it as a mobile app. You just need to go through this link and download the new file type that you need. There are many furniture for house design. The software does 3D house plan quickly.

11. Designconnected

Disconnected Foe Download 3D Models
Disconnected Foe Download 3D Models

There are so many models that we can download for projects. you just need to sign up here and get your free models. There are so many interior objectives you can download for the 3D model of your house design projects.

12. 3dexport

3dexport 3D models for free download
3dexport 3D Models For Free Download

There are both free and premium models are available here. Under many category 20000+ 3D models of available for your needs.  You need to create a user account for download the 3D model.

13. 3db3

3db3 3D models for free download
3db3 3D Models For Free Download

There are so many categories you can download many 3d models here. 441 3d models are available here. Create a user account and download it now.

14. open3Dmodels.com

Open3Dmodles download 3d models
Open3Dmodles For Free

51000+ 3d models are available for your needs. So many categories like interior, Exterior, plants, animals, etc. You will have to try several times to download the model due to many ads. It is your choice for using this.

15. All3Dfree

All3Dfree download 3d models
All3Dfree Models

Signup free and post your stuff in all3dfree. There are so many models related to many categories. No need to signup to download the models.

16 . 123free3dmodels

123Free3D download 3d models
123Free3D Models

There are about 18000+ 3d models. But you have to try several times to download here due to many advertisements. Categories Furniture, Characters, Animals, Electronics, Plants, Vehicles, etc.

17. Dimensiva

Dimensiva Free download 3D models
Dimensiva Free Download 3D Models

Goto site and download models by signup. There is a Pro plan if you need to download more without ads. When you signup you can get the free plan and you can reach only for free models. If you need to get more sign up as Pro by paying.

18. Cults3D

Cults3d Free download 3D models
Cults3d Free Download 3D Models

For 3D printing, this is a great place to download the models. The excellent 3d files are here for your 3D printing purpose.

19. 3dmili

3dmili free 3D models
3dmili Free Download 3D Models

You can download more than 1000 models free as well as paid. You need to signup on the website and can start the download easily. There are many categories with 1000+ models relevant to many categories.

20. Grabcad

Free CAD files download
Grabcad Free Download 3D Models

This is the best place to get the best experience in 3D modeling. There is more than 3,930,000+ cad files are available for the designers. You need to signup there. You can make your 3d design

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