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What is the Best House Design Apps for Android?

House design apps for android

House Design Apps for Android is a real opportunity for android users. You can spend your time with design your own house or project as you need. No need not much processing capacity and no need for specialized knowledge about it.

Android apps can be used for any architecture purpose. Mostly it can be used for house designs. These 05 apps have more design facilities and a better user interface than other apps.

  1. Floor Plan Creator for android
  2. Planner 5D ( The best house design app for android)
  3. Home Design 3D
  4. Room Planner
  5. Sofax

When you do house designs with android you should pay your attentions towards to the output. Some apps don’t allow even screenshots. Many apps require to upgrade to pro. Some do not allow to undo, So before you start work check everything that you need. Please pay your attention when you do this.

How to select the best House Design Apps for Android?

Below are the TOP 05 android apps for house design. The picking is based on

01. Ratings, installs, and comments
02. User experience
03. Import and export file types
04. Pricing

Lets consider each one in detail.

01. Floor Plan Creator for android

House design apps for android
Floor Plan Creator for House design

This is good application for making 3D house plans. You can create 3D plans with using 2D view of top and the switch to the 3D view. It supply walls as a block. We can change dimension of the blocks. Any time if we need to cange the wall we can use wall line tool.

The floor plan creator is with undo-redo options hence you can move upward or back word of your work. You can draw the first floor on 1 level and 2 nd floor on another level. For this, you can use the Level option. It is very good for the user.

There is a structure set. We can add furniture to our drawing. The structure and furniture are 3D hence you can see the 3D view of all.

We can see the dimension when we continue the work.

This application do not let to user export the data if he doest buy it. As well as they not allowed to take the screen shot of the model. Those are completely stopped.

There is not much real looking 3D views of the furniture.

Rating4.2/5 (76,618)
Total downloads10M+
Last updateDec 5, 2020
Size of the application14 MB
Full versionprice7 $

02. Planner 5D ( The best house design app for android)

Planner 5D for 3D hose design.

This is really good for the 3D house design using your android phone. There is a simple interface with many more tasks. It includes 3D modeling and cloud rendering. There is blocks with dimensions you can adjust them as you need. Levels are on the floors.

You can do architectural designs using the software. If you need to render with cloud it will be cost for the snapshot. before rendering you had better get a snapshot and then upload to the cloud. According to the number of images you can pay. You can work both online and offline. And also languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

If you need to remove add you have to pay. Considering Floorplan creator this is bit slow. Reason is the quality of the model. You can customize furniture, accessories, and decor.

You can see your model in AR viewer. Overall this is better than Floorplan creator.

Rating4.3/5 (298,076)
Total downloads10M+
Last updateJan 02, 2021
Size of the application106 MB
Full versionprice65 $ (Per item)

03. Home Design 3D

At the beginning of the app, you can see “save function is disabled” Until you pay for the app. This is good application to make the 3Dmodle of the house. Using 2D view you can draw from top and then switch to the 3D view.

And also you can place furniture, decor as you need. There are real looking furniture. So you can place them in proper place and check how much it is match to you design.

There are trees and many indoor and outdoor objects. So you can use them as you need. No internet connection is need for the working and you can design your idea and then pay for the app and take it out. And also you can have the blue print of your design.

Rating3.6/5 (21,199)
Total downloads10M+
Last updateAug 12, 2020
Size of the application114 MB
Full versionprice19.66 $ (gold Plus)

04. Room Planner

You can realistic the dream of your house apartment or room with 100% accurately as well as decor. You can upgrade your business through a variety of visual content. Create professional floor plans, visualizations, and VR tours with Room Planner App as easy as never.

You can design your model with IKES products. and you can check whether those are well fit to the room. You can apply Thousands of inspired designs to your mode and any time you can change it with 1 touch.

This is with 456MB and it is bit slow because of the size. If you have better RAM you can use this effectively.

Rating4.2/5 (73,297)
Total downloads5M+
Last updateJan 02, 2021
Size of the application456 MB
Full versionprice19.66 $ (gold Plus)

05. Sofax

This is a new app. It is a sandbox where you do not need to worry about ideas, designs or your fantasies going wrong. You can do design with real dimension like above apps. Just you need to think and design. There are many furniture. So you can place them and do the realistic design as you need.

Rating4.6/5 (38)
Total downloads1000+
Last updateDec 07, 2020
Size of the application110 MB
Full versionpriceFree

Conclusion For the House Design Apps for Android

According to the above review, I could find the top 5. If you know more please comment below. I could install all and checked one by one. Some problems have risen and I mentioned all here. Overall the best one is Planner 5D. It is great for the user. So You can chose one and try. If there is any problem please let me know. So I can mention it to know otheres.

As well as there are many apps.Those do not allowed to design 3D. Those just show some layouts as images. Just user need to take an idea from the plan. And then you can design your own.

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